Author Star Martial God Technique
Avatar Umitencho 2 mo ago
No honor among thieves. I remember when one scanlator got forced out of releasing lookism chapters because another group were entitled pricks who hated his upload speed being faster than theirs. Here is an idea, scanlate some series not being covered or were dropped. You don't find the next big hit by chasing what has been covered but going after was is waiting to be brought to the light.
Avatar Saint_Issac 1 mo ago
I read all of this in a matter of 3 hours and 30 minutes.
Avatar Morpheus 1 mo ago
Avatar ZombiesAreNotOkay 1 mo ago
This... THIS IS...
Avatar InkMango 1 mo ago
Can black hair not try can steal white hairs spotlight >w<
Avatar JustNatsuki 1 mo ago
Did the translators add it in or did the author literally copy a certain manga/webtoon's name
Avatar JustNatsuki 1 mo ago
So he gets laid next chap? Great.
Avatar Ouek 1 mo ago
*interest in this series intensifies*
Avatar Adde 1 mo ago
cmon MC how can u not go for the white haired chick wtf
Avatar MarceloYuri 28 days ago
oh, look, the autor changed their personalities again...
Avatar InkMango 24 days ago
White hair ftw
Avatar Umitencho 23 days ago
She is basically if Hinata had more confidence.
Avatar JustNatsuki 23 days ago
@InkMango No yellow hair ftw
Avatar Shady41 17 days ago
Mom about to cockblock him.😂
Avatar SeaTurtle 17 days ago
another work dropped by Mad Snail...

why didnt I check who was the author before starting it??? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Avatar midevol 13 days ago
star political god technique more like
Avatar MarceloYuri 10 days ago
Team White Hair Best Girl. :D
Avatar JustNatsuki 8 days ago
star womanizer god technique more like
Avatar garethgg 6 days ago
Some abrupt ending to latest chapter wtf.
Avatar Tomba 6 days ago
Sooo slow pace zzzZZZzzz