Author High Risk Mission Therapy
Avatar Hebi 7 days ago
lol i'm dying! the extra chapter was pretty funny
Avatar Tcof 7 days ago
@MasterPannya what is the other ?
Avatar avryanz 7 days ago
edogawa best grill,
Avatar Albmi 7 days ago
Ssshhh! Let it happen...
Avatar MasterPannya 6 days ago
Avatar Sakuratea 6 days ago
This manga is blatant asspull after asspull, but i enjoyed every asspull it has offered thus far.
Avatar Jester12 6 days ago
Thigh girl = best girl.
Avatar Siquall 6 days ago
Welp, guess i will add the harem tag.
Avatar pitman 5 days ago
I hope there is a girl with the syndrome in her head so that all she needs is some headpats.
Avatar Greenpeon 4 days ago
Thighs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Breasts.

This is irrefutable.
Avatar Kanami-chan 4 days ago
Rinse and repeat the same groping formula until chapter 38
Avatar Umesan 4 days ago
It's nice this mc isn't an indecisive twat or a dense moron, but I hope the story doesn't get as boring as Amano Megumi did for me :/
Avatar MasterPannya 3 days ago
>this whole manga
Avatar lasercats 3 days ago
Avatar Kiraidesu 2 days ago
This is vastly better than it has any right to be. For something with such an...honest...premise, it's great. The comedic timing is top notch, the main character is adorkable (lol), and the main girl is lovely and remarkably honest in her affections.

Though of course longevity is an issue. It has to either advance the relationship (and end the story, oops), add more girls (becoming one of those burdened harems with too many characters and too little depth to each), or add lower-case plot (which would be a genre shift). Now where will it go?
Avatar zetsubouzanto 2 days ago
@Kiraidesu maybe add new fetish ? like monderella syndrome in some-heroine-to-be's butt or nape or somewhere ...
Avatar buttler 2 days ago
This is turning out to be funnier than the fetish premise would suggest.
We definitely need more monderella side characters. But not Futoshi-kun.😎

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Avatar Urabask 2 days ago
@Kiraidesu maybe add new fetish ? like monderella syndrome in some-heroine-to-be's butt or nape or somewhere ...

Butt girl already showed up at the end of one of the chapters at the doctor's office.
Avatar Icryalot 1 day ago
Wait wait wait... I only signed up gratuitous boob fondling, what is this smidge of plot doing in my manga??!
Avatar zetsubouzanto 19 hrs ago
@Urabask no i mean heroine , a candidate for mc's lover and or harem . Not a random side-chara ...

but then yuusha ga shinda corrupted me already , i began to ship the thighs girl rather than main heroine who is a big busted

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