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  • S-Rank Monster no Behemoth Dakedo, Neko to Machigawarete Erufu Musume no Kishi (Pet) Toshite Kurashitemasu

    Hey , Deedlit cameo 🙂

  • Mitsudomoe

    @Potkeny Awesome! I've been looking for users (both from the old and the new MD) that have read Mitsudomoe. Anyone who likes this series is a friend-o'-mine! 😄

  • My Love Life with Nitocris at Home

    My boner approves!

  • Monogatari no Naka no Hito

    I'm glad to see this series has been picked up again, I was kinda sad that there were so few chapters. The translation team deserves some love, too. Keep up the good work, y'all :)

  • Here U Are

    💚💚💚 Translations for Chapter 47 💚💚💚 To see the manga, go to第47话/viewer?title_no=1203&episode_no=55 #1 -- I don't wanna go back to the dorm! Let's go outside and hang around! -- Why are you being like this? #2 -- It's because of that LiHuan, and those eyes that feels like he is about to eat someone alive. -- Hehehe, good thing that I live next door. -- Tsk! #3 Hey! What if we find any reason that would make him move out? #4 We spread that something went missing in that side of the dorms, it will become unbearable for him! Or do you have a better way to do that? #5 Uh... Ming… #6 -- What? Just say it already! -- Is there something on my back? #7 FUCK SHIT FUCK SHIT!!! #8 -- Come over here with daddy! -- Fuck! #9 -- What the fuck are you doing? -- Let's go back, we should burn an incense for his soul. -- Right! Right! #10 Fuck! #11 -- Haven't you stopped yet? Are you some kind of masochist? Huh? -- A beating wasn't enough for you?! #12 If you hate me, turn your anger on me! Don't you dare to test him, motherfucker! #13 -- Humph! You two really are a couple, then! No wonder you protect each other! #14 -- You were a bunch of fags since the beginning! #15 -- It seems that your scars forgot what pain feels like.... #16 -- Motherfucker, you better control that trap of yours from spilling shit like that! #17 -- Stir me up to see what I'm capable of. #18 -- I'm gay, that's for sure,… -- But what I most like doing… (grab--) -- Do you have any idea what it is? #19 ( fall apart ) #20 ( push away ) Wahhhhh~~! #21 Son of a bitch… … #25 -- Did you hear all of it? -- I don't care. #26 -- Don't worry, I won't let anyone to misunderstand you. #27 -- YuYang,… ( hug tight ) -- I… #28 (( Eh?! Wait a moment! Why is he hugging me? )) #29 -- Okay, okay! No need to thank me! I need to go to my classes! ( push away ) #30 -- I mean, if you need anything just send me a message through WeChat! -- … #31 (( That brat! He surely doesn't pay attention to his own actions! Doesn't he know that I'm gay?! )) (( For real! )) #32 … #33 His... #34 …His heart was beating really fast... … #37 -- What are you doing hiding there? #38 !? * to be continued…

  • Birdmen

    Hey Just letting anyone who may see this that I am looking to form a group with translators or anyone who wants to make this series happen on a regular basis. You can read more here

  • Kitsune Spirit

    This is what I need to live

  • Moto Saikyou no Kenshi wa, Isekai Mahou ni Akogareru

    @TazakiTsukuru Indeed, but I still think that he looks older, physically, than 6yo. weird character design grrr lol But that doesn't really matter, I was just curious. It looks promising so I'll follow. :o

  • Immortal Hounds

    @Le_Butters - This got licensed by Vertical so the scanlators probably dropped it. They've caught up with the tankobons, so if you want to continue your options are either buying the volumes or waiting for scans.

  • Kitsune Spirit

    Hey yo G-P, thanks for updating the series! Was starting to miss it a bit T_T

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