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  • Reader beta feature: recommendations

    @Nolzi It's going off your follows, if you are totally up to date it won't have anything else to give you - right now. That might change depending on holo/tea. @Hounder It's recommending you stuff from your follows, not actual recommendations to read (maybe the name needs work) - you should already know the info of the stuff you are reading. It's designed to keep you in the reader, not send you back to the site. Making it go to info page defeats its purpose. @Inori Legacy reader won't be getting any updates other than bug fixes.

  • When moving to next chapter, page freezes

    Getting the same issue in Safari on iOS and Firefox 61.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows.

  • Reader beta feature: recommendations

    Ho, this could be a very interesting feature. Will you enable it on legacy reader, too? Maybe move to general settings?

  • Window flickering

    I'm kinda having the same problem. The "window flickering" happens when i click to open the side menu, and this only happen with the menu opened. Ah, this doesn't happen with "Long strip" mode and the "Fit display" has to be on "Width" mode. My display resolution: 1440x900. And, if helps, a video showing it:

  • Reader beta feature: recommendations

    Like @Nolzi said, it would be better to go to the info page rather than a chapter since you are recommending a manga rather than a single chapter.

  • Setting "Page preload number" seems to have no effect

    The default is zero, and even if you change it page preloading doesn't happen. If you reload the page with F5, the setting is reverted to zero. Only workaround is preloading the whole chapter in advanced features.

  • Reader beta feature: recommendations

    Giving me chapters that are really old, like 50 chapters of Vinland Saga is not useful. After I clicked through them all just to mark them read, the recommendation page is empty. Might as well take me to the manga info page.

  • Un-delete-able Message in Inbox

    Update: This issue has not been resolved.

  • Cannot Save Images

    Update: The issue has been resolved.

  • Long strip frequently freezes my browser

    And same here. I also noticed, as tatatarus,, that my browser ate up all off my computers memory. Looks just like a memory leak. I also noticed, that it seemingly happened after I read a few chapters. Your new viewer engine is heavily based on Java Script. Could it be, that the script loads images, but doesn't dereference not needed instances, holding onto those pictures, so the garbage collector won't remove them and they just stay in memory? Maybe the autoload method, that loads images at the bottom of a page, keeps loading images.

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